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„Illegal I“ are the „missing link“ between Old-School  and Modern Rock. They connect the dots from different eras in Rock n’Roll history like Hard Rock, Grunge, Alternative Rock and Stoner and mix it to an unique and explosive mixture. Thus Illegal I address old-school Rock idealists as much as fans of newer and more modern Rock movements.

After the release of their full-length debut record „Illegal Eye“ in late 2018 Illegal I toured Germany in 2019, and released two new singles, "Back to the Ocean" und "Voice of Resistance", in 2020. Especially "Voice of Resistance" was well received by fans and critics alike and ranked as  the anthem for everybody who is fighting for their own and other people’s rights (Mangowave Reviews). Critics judged "Voice of Resistance" as a song with a fantastic riff and a powerful message" (The RockBlock Podcast US) With “Voice of Resistance” Illegal I  express their solidarity with those who are fighting, protesting and demonstrating peacefully for a better future without extremism, racism or discrimination! At the same time Illegal I set themself apart from anybody who follows any sort of extremist movements or conspiracy theories!

Because of the setback for live shows that was caused by the cornona pandemc crisis in 2020 and 2021, Illegal I decided to go back to the studio and work on new music for their follow-up record, which will be released in 2022. A first teaser of the new record can be listened to on the single „Shards of the Past“, which was released on November 12., 2021.

With "Voice of Resistance" Illegal I delivers a song with lots of power. It definitely has the potential to become a Rock anthem! With this in mind: Nobody’s gonna stop us now!” - Catherine van Bruce

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